Waters Samplers, Wastewater Samplers

Portable and Stationary Water and Wastewater Samplers

MCE Process offers both Portable Automatic Samplers and Stationary Automatic Samplers for water, wastewater, storm water or other water-quality and research applications. Our automatic wastewater samplers come in both composite (one sample container) or discrete (multiple containers) configurations or even a custom combination of composite and discrete. These durable wastewater samplers use proven industrial grade vacuum pumps to draw water through 3/8″ or 5/8″ intake tubing. This is in contrast to traditional peristaltic pumps that induce flow by squeezing flexible tubing. Automatic water samplers can be fully customized with water quality sensors, flowmeters, dataloggers and more.

Programming Campbell Scientific Samplers

Water and Wastewater Sampler Shelter and Stations

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Vacuum Wastewater Sampler and Vacuum Water Sampler Advantages

  • Faster sampling rates – Up to 7 ft/sec for high transport velocity.
  • Better Repeatability – within +/- 2cc’s (+/- 2%)
  • Higher Vertical lifts – up to 28 Feet, at speeds above the EPA minimum of 2.5 ft/sec. (3ft/sec for lifts above 20 ft)
  • Longer Sampling Distances – capable of draws over 250 feet away!
  • Less Maintenance – no rollers or peristaltic pump tubing to replace and no moving parts touch the liquid.
  • Higher Volume Sampling for High Solids – 5/8″ ID intake diameter increases volume by 66% which helps prevent blocking and improves accuracy.
  • Air Purge – Positively clears sample line before and after each sample.

The vacuum method of sampling also disturbs the wastewater samples less and better represents the original wastewater solution, especially if there is high concentrations of suspended solids. Peristaltic samplers use a “squeezing” process to bring each wastewater sample into a chamber. This peristaltic sampler process is typically less reliable, weaker in strength, and breaks down more quickly over time. However, if regular maintenance is not a factor and you only have a short draw distance, a lower cost peristaltic sampler may be in your best interest.

Start Your Sampling Water and Wastewater Your Way

The automatic wastewater samplers offered by MCE Process and Campbell Scientific include a versatile and rugged controller that accepts wide range of inputs to start the sampling:

  • Pulse input (e.g., rain gauge, flow meters)
  • 4 to 20 mA signal (e.g. flow meters, influent meters, effluent meters, water level, temperature, etc.)
  • Timed basis


Advanced Sampler Integration and Connectivity

The automatic samplers can also be interfaced or integrated with:

  • Campbell Scientific dataloggers 
  • PLCs – Allen Bradley, GE Fanuc, Siemens, Koyo, Automation Direct and Other Controllers 
  • iPhone 
  • Android 
  • Rain Gauges 
  • Wi-Fi and Wireless Hotspots 
  • Cell Modems 
  • Ethernet 
  • GPS

The Campbell Scientific dataloggers offer tight integration with the samplers and can measure nearly any water quality, turbidity, water level, or meteorological sensor. The dataloggers or external PLCs can also control the samplers based on time, event, or any measured conditions. MCE Process and Campbell Scientific can fully customize any sampler system to meet your unique needs and operations. We offer custom dual head samplers that offer horizontal sampling distances up to 250 feet so you can grab a sample from two locations and keep things simple with one refrigerator or one place to pick up your samples.


Where Are Vacuum Water Samplers and Wastewater Samplers Used?

  • Stormwater Sampling
  • NPDES Compliance
  • Storm Water Runoff Monitoring
  • CSO (combined sewer overflows) Studies and Monitoring
  • Pretreatment Compliance
  • Industrial Wastewater Discharge
  • Regulatory Compliance Monitoring
  • WWTP Process Control
  • Wastewater Samplers for Influent
  • Wastewater Samplers for Effluent
  • Effluent Water Samplers
  • Composite Water Samplers
  • Discrete Water Samplers
  • Cruise and Cargo Ship Effluent Samplers
  • Samplers for Package Plants
  • Samplers for Ballast Water Monitoring
  • Samplers for Paper Mills
  • Samplers for Cooling Towers
  • Samplers for Data Centers
  • Samplers for Abrasive Materials
  • Samplers for Trace Element Sampling and Monitoring
  • Water Quality Research


Get your sampler project started now!

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