MCE provides services to industrial, water, wastewater, environmental and process industries.

  • Expansive industry specific experience, individual expertise, and industry leading partners.
  • Our industrial work spans from small family-owned ventures to Fortune 500 production facilities.
  • Our water and waste water treatment projects include small 2 GPM trickle detection to facilities treating over 500 MGD.
  • We strive to provide our customers friendly, courteous and knowledgeable customer service.
  •  Our goal is to partner in your long term success.

Calibration Services

MCE Services offer on site calibration for most of the Lower 48 states as well as in house calibration services for clients around the globe. We are a leading single-source provider of instrument calibration, validation and maintenance for water, wastewater, environmental, food, pharma and industrial process. We provide highly trained experts onsite and offsite to meet the needs of your organization’s unique process and requirements.
Learn why and when you need to calibrate your meter


  • Ultrasonic Flow Meter Calibration
  • Magmeters Calibration
  • Open Channel Flow Meter Calibration
  • Insertion Flow Meter Calibration
  • Vortex Flow Meter Calibration
  • Turbine Flow Meter Calibration
  • Wastewater Flow Meter Calibration
  • Water Flow Meter Calibration


  • Pressure Transmitter Calibration
  • DP Calibration
  • Differential Pressure Calibration


  • Tower Level Calibration
  • Water Tower Level Calibration
  • Tank Level Calibration
  • Pit Level Calibration


  • Turbidimeter Calibration
  • Turbidity Meter Calibration
  • Suspended Solids Meter Calibration


  • pH Meter Calibration
  • DO Meter Calibration
  • Salinity Meter Calibration
  • TSS Meter Calibration
  • Disolved Solids Meter Calibration


  • Chlorine Residual Meter Calibration
  • Chlorine Analyzer Calibration
  • Chlorine Dioxide Meter Calibration
  • Ozone Meter Calibration


  • Temperature Transmitter Calibration
  • Temperature Meter Calibration
  • Humidity Meter Calibration
  • Hygrometer Calibration
  • Weather Station Calibration

At MCE, we utilize ISA, EPA, ISO, FDA and NIST standards. We provide calibration documentation on industry standard forms or even your internal paperwork. We apply equipment calibration stickers for fast and easy identification of calibration date and due date for your next calibration service. We offer NIST traceable calibration with documentation on paper or electronic format upon your request.
Our process and services can also help you obtain and maintain your organization’s ISO or quality standard certifications. Our scheduling is flexible to accommodate your facility requirements. We offer email and push notification reminders to make sure your service is completed ontime. We’ll have your certification paperwork and calibration stickers applied before your next EPA inspection, environmental management, or quality assurance audit. For clients interested in additional savings, we offer flexible term calibration contracts and service level agreements – calibration SLA. We also provide third party certification and validation for newly installed systems and new processes.
We’ve completed thousands of calibrations and technical projects in the following industries: water, wastewater, food and beverage, pulp and paper, oil and gas, chemical, agricultural, government agencies, environmental and hi-tech manufacturing.

Have a list of instruments that need calibrated? Try our Detailed Calibration Quote.
Learn more about out our Calibration Certificates and Calibration FAQs.

Download (PDF, 170KB, mce-process-services-line-card.pdf)


MCE Process is your full service instrumentation and controls company.

  • Industrial Process
  • Water Process
  • Waste Water Process
  • Environmental and Research
  • Agricultural Process
  • Pharmaceutical Process
  • Construction and Facilities

We provice technology based solutions for your pressure, level, flow, analytical and process requirements. Our factory trained service technicians and field engineers can often repair your equipment on site without the hassle of back and forth, pull out, ship, wait and return shipment. Sometimes repair is just not possible or just does not make economic sense. When that is the case, we can provide you with multiple replacement recomendations from inustry leading brands. We are also backed by a full line of meters, controls, instrumentation and treatment equipment through our equipment division. We also offer customized SLA (Service Level Agreements) and meter maintenance contracts to meet your organizations specific needs.

Emergency Response, Outage Services and Planned Shutdown

We provide instrument and control system emergency outage and shutdown services. This includes repair, inspection, calibration, loop checks, startup, commissioning and planned shutdown system maintenance.

Installation and Startup Services

We are a provider of installation, commissioning and startup services for: meters, controls, instrumentation, equipment, electrical, sampling equipment, environmental monitoring, panel fabrication and upgrades. This includes flow meters, recorders, SCADA, alarms, pressure, level, temperature, analytical and much more.


MCE Process service offers emergency response repair service agreements to fit your organization’s needs. That way, if a problem finds you in the middle of the night, weekend or holiday, you are not alone! MCE Process is at your service and just one call away at (844) 638-3757. With an available emergency response agreement, we will dispatch our field technicians and engineers 24/7 to your site. We offer repair or repair coordination for all brands of treatment and process equipment. For customers wishing to plan ahead and prepare with a known budget ahead of time, we also offer customized repair, support and service agreements.


MCE Process’s Integration Division is an independent control systems integrator serving throughout the lower 48 United States. Our focus is on systems integration and related services for water, wastewater, industrial process, environmental, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, energy and other process industries. Our technical capabilities, people and processes ensure quality and on-time delivery of the best control system solution for your project. Our people have been building and integrating controls since the 1990’s using customer centered integrated technology solutions.






MCE Process offers custom solutions for water, waste water, business, industrial, and pharmaceutical customers. We strive to maintain product platforms that are integrated and built on open standards. Our designs allow for easy expansion, future data integration and reliable resource planning. We provide cost effective ownership centered solutions that are user friendly while reducing maintenance over time. Our systems feature hardened communications.  These systems include features like viewing data, alarm reporting via cell phones, smart phones (iPhone, Android, Smartphones), email, text (SMS), paging systems, on call systems and more. Our designs are integrated across various SCADA platforms, reporting and analytics platforms, billing platforms, building automation systems (BAS) and new or legacy IT infrastructure.
We also provide control system upgrades, PLC and RTU programming, controller programming / reprogramming and process optimization for most control systems and automation solutions. Need a display or touchscreen added to your system? How about that small change or tweak you would like for your SCADA system RTU or PLC? Our PLC abilities include Allen Bradley, GE Fanuc, Koyo, Omron, IDEC, RedLion Controls, Siemens, Schneider, Control Microsystems SCADAPack, Sixnet, and many others platforms.


Our Process Automation (BPA) group is here to serve your unique business and organization needs. We help automate your business processes, core functions and industrial processes through advanced automation technologies and methods. We can help optimize event-driven, mission critical core processes.

Why Consider Process Automation for your organization?

  1. Streamline communication and efforts while creating a repeatable and quality assured process.
  2. Enforce information transparency and accountability with precise workflow management.
  3. Minimize down time, errors, inefficiencies and avoid costly mistakes.
  4. Develop new insights, remove bottlenecks and redefine workflows with newly acquired data.
  5. Establish hierachy and priority for each business process.

Our Process Automation solutions are custom tailored to your organization’s specific needs – not just a cookie cutter drop in place automation solution. Contact us today to get started with your own solution and find out what you’ve been missing.


Environmental, discharge and treatment regulations are rapidly changing. It seems like tighter standards and more restrictive process quality monitoring requirements are being handed down every month. MCE is here to provide expert technical assistance when and where you need it. MCE understands your process and is here help you from start to finish in whatever capacity is needed. We know and understand the financial and technical issues you face. We help our clients with discharge permit requirements, industrial pretreatment requirements, plant upgrades and retrofis. We have the industry proven solutions that focus on your specific needs and site specific requirements. We offer comprehensive process audits, analysis and testing. Contact MCE today for a customized and confidential solution to meet your treatment or discharge needs.


We offer integrated and focused IT / Information Technology solutions for water, waste water, businesses, industrial, pharmaceutical and agriculture. Our staff includes certified professionals with knowledge and experience across multiple hardware and software platforms.
Still have that legacy systems or older IT infrastructure that you need to keep going? MCE is here to help with our integrated systems approach. Our goal is to help you save time, energy and resources. Let us provide a comprehensive and integrated technology solution that focuses on you and maintaining your process.


MCE Process is a valuable information tool for keeping you and your staff up to date on industry requirements, trends and topics. We offer customized training for your organization. MCE invests heavily in our training every year so we can provide quality training and current information to your organization and industry professionals around the country.

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